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Benny A. Recine, MBA, PMP, PMOC, CAMS

Discussions of the PMO and the PSO

Hello and welcome. My name is Benny A. Recine. I have been an Information Technology (IT) Project Manager (PM) for over 10 years, mostly in financial services. I have also worked as a process improvement manager using non-technical strategies to be implemented for a better customer experience. I have worked in Fortune 100 companies as well as non-profit organizations.

Lately, I have been part of a Professional Services Organization (PSO) and have found a good marriage between project management and consulting. I feel there is a need to have a PM media outlet for a PMO in a PSO. In the beginning of my career in a PSO, particularly a small PSO, I felt it necessary to establish standards. I felt it necessary to communicate my ideas and beliefs in this endeavor, so I wrote an article for an established and nationally recognized PSO website. However, I realized that I should deliver additional opinions and articles in the PMO in a PSO space, and other PM opinions. So I began to envision this website and blog as a forum for these and other topics. I would like your feedback and opinions.

I expect this to be a two-way communication, and I encourage you to send an email or two on my topics. Or, if you are so inclined, suggest a topic you are interested in and we can discuss it. In all, I hope you find this blog informative and provocative, and a way to improve our PM work. Thank you.

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